THESE PEOPLE release new EP - "Animal Behaviour"

The Velvet Underground were not that well known at first, but infamously inspired anyone who did hear their records to start a band.  Their influence had legs because it spread to millions and changed the course of music forever.  Much like Lou Reed to his disciples, Syd Barrett did the same.  The notoriously reclusive ex-Pink Floyd member had a short lived solo career, but his influence affected millions.

There is a new wave of Neo-Barrett bands coming out of New York City today.  MGMT steered into that direction on their second and third albums, taking a less commercial path, but a more artistically self indulgent one.  That can be a good or bad thing.  In my opinion, the music got better and more interesting.  Since then, other bands have come forth with similar elements and that love for early Pink Floyd and British psychedelia.

THESE PEOPLE is the solo project of singer/songwriter/producer TJ Penzone.  His newest EP- "Animal Behavior" got its release this week on all streaming services.  It's impressively diverse in style, kaleidoscopic and melodically experimental with vocals reminiscent of the late great Syd Barrett.  Had he been musically active today and backed by a post-punk rhythm section, this is what he'd sound like.  'Brain Cloud' features the line- "this is what it looked like in sound form", croons repetitive acid-induced lyrics over progressive rhythmic patterns.  'A / B Vision' swaggers like Crazy Horse meets The Pretty Things, lyrically hovering- "we tried to climb a rope to sky, but we fell..." just before atonal orchestral sounds descend.  The EP's picturesque music, a sort of soundtrack to the modern day bar philosopher, is vivid and moving in every way the Pink Floyd were.  This is music for the listener that explores new territory, looking to blow your mind to bits.

The new EP "Animal Behavior" is out on all streaming services.

The band will be supporting the latest release through out the year with live shows around the east coast.

For more details and additional music, visit - THESEPEOPLE.ORG


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