The Brown Bunny Soundtrack is a work of art

Tulip Records presents The Brown Bunny Motion Picture Soundtrack. Written, directed, edited and produced by Vincent Gallo. Original Music featured in The Brown Bunny by Ted Curson, Jeff Alexander, Gordon Lightfoot, Jackson C. Frank and Francesco Accardo, featuring exclusive music composed and performed by John Frusciante, and produced by Vincent Gallo. Frusciante’s music was written for the film’s soundtrack and was directly inspired by The Brown Bunny screenplay. Ultimately the Frusciante music was not featured in the actual film for reasons Gallo says are unexplainable. Gallo has stated “I did make The Brown Bunny to the music John Frusciante made for the film and John Frusciante did make music specifically for and inspired by The Brown Bunny film. Frusciante’s music is the silent music of the film. The music from inside the film. The part that cannot be seen. The part that was there before the film was made.”

The Brown Bunny is a love story. It’s the story of one man, the one lost love of his life and his attempts to find that love again. The story of a lost soul unable to forget his past.

Bud Clay races motorcycles. After finishing a race in New Hampshire, Bud Clay (Vincent Gallo) loads his motorcycle into the back of his van and begins a cross-country odyssey to California where he is to compete in another race.

During his trip, Bud meets three very different girls. Violet, Lilly (Cheryl Tiegs), and Rose. None of these girls can replace Daisy, the only girl he’s ever loved and the only girl he will ever love. Bud will never escape his intense feelings for the love of his life, Daisy (Chloe Sevigny), and so he plans to reconcile with her when he reaches California.

Arriving in Los Angeles, Bud checks into a motel before visiting the abandoned home he once shared with his true love Daisy. He leaves a note for her, hoping she will turn up at his motel room . . .

Building to a notorious climax, the film presents one of the frankest and most insightful portrayals of male sexuality and male heartbreak ever seen in American cinema.

Vincent Gallo is a true artist in multiple mediums, and the most misunderstood, misquoted, misrepresented talent of his generation.

This DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) deluxe vinyl pressing was Produced by Vincent Gallo and is the first domestic pressing of The Brown Bunny soundtrack. Art Direction, Design, and Audio Remastering by Vincent Gallo. Housed in a 400gsm single pocket gatefold jacket with gold foil stamping limited to 1000 copies, the black LP is housed in a 250gsm inner sleeve, featuring album credits with Die Cut Disco Hole. The soundtrack comes sealed in a printed brown bag which includes a hype sticker on the front.

This piece of art is intended for adults only, due to mature content and nudity on the jacket.

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